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How to Check Your Credit Card Application Status

You have done all the leg work. You scoured the web, compared different offers, analyzed your spending, and finally made the decision on what credit card you need. You’re excited to get your new credit card and start earning those rewards, but there’s no word on whether you’re approved or not.

Everywhere you looked, you saw something like “be approved in minutes” or “apply and you could be approved today” but you weren’t approved in “minutes.” Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you won’t be. It can take some credit cards a month to review and approve your application. However, you are anxious and want to see where your application is at, well every card lets you check the status of your application using one of the options below:

Issuer - Phone Number to Call - Ability to Check Online?

Every issuer has a different set of criteria required to be approved, so if it takes a little longer to be approved than a different card you have been approved for, don’t stress too much. And if you end up don’t getting approved, don’t worry there are some other options to you.

  1. You can ask for the credit card to reconsider your application
  2. You can explore your options to get the spending power you need through a personal loan.
  3. Or you could work on improving your credit score to increase your likelihood of being approved.

Seeing your application is pending and wasn’t “approved in minutes” can will be stressful. Just remember to breathe, both the issuer and CompareCredit is here to help. So, start by checking the status of the application, and then use some of our tools to help you decide how to go from there.