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Why is Speakeasy So Great?

Speakeasy's new content generation functionality is a revolutionary tool for creating high-quality and engaging content quickly. The platform uses AI technology to generate unique, creative articles with minimal input from the user. This makes it possible to create high-quality advertorials in minutes that are tailored to specific audiences and customer needs without having to spend hours manually crafting them. Additionally, Speakeasy integrates directly into Sanity so users can easily add their own customizations and data points such as images, videos, or call-to-action buttons. With this combination of features, marketers now have an unprecedented level of control over their content creation process while still being able to produce highly effective ads in no time at all.

Michael is's co-founder and a credit card industry insider. He spent 15 years working for top-tier U.S. banks and helped shape the way people currently compare and apply for credit cards online.

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