Wealth Consciousness is an Equal Opportunity Arena
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Wealth Consciousness is an Equal Opportunity Arena

Reviewed by Tanza Loudenback

Historically, we have been taught that knowledge about wealth and acquisition is for a select few...whether that means because of privilege or aptitude, many of us were raised to believe that money was elusive, hard to figure out, and a weapon or a gift, depending on whose hands the money was in.

The reality is that while access to resources and education most certainly is impacted by socioeconomic status and societal factors, everyone on earth can attain wealth consciousness...and once you integrate this knowing, your own potential for success, wealth and personal growth up-levels.

In the game-changing book A Happy Pocket Full of Money, author David Gikandi introduces us to the reality of money. He writes that of all the wealth that exists on earth, only 4% of it exists in the physical reality (as cash, gold, silver etc.). A whopping 96% exists as numbers on a screen that humanity has collectively decided to agree that they believe in.

In this book, which is largely recognized by industry thought leaders as the pinnacle, Gikandi starts by reminding us that money is simply a theoretical concept.

As such...we all, no matter our prior experiences with money, have the potential to understand the theory behind it, thereby expanding our wealth consciousness and potential for attracting wealth exponentially...and furthermore, shifting our relationship to how we think about money can help us feel more joyful about it than we ever have...and make more of it than we ever might have imagined.

You may be in agreement that while, yes, money is a theoretical concept...it still has deeply ingrained real-world applications that make this theory feel less solvent. To which I would say, go get the book and thank me later...and let’s explore the nuances of how we might all have greater access to wealth through this understanding.

The idea that wealth is only accessible to an elite few (those who inherit it or work for it in a way that enables them to achieve their definition of “success”) forces many people into thinking they have to follow a specific path in order to be able to generate their ideal income.

The reality is, particularly in our changing and evolving society, constricted rigidity in thinking about wealth can only harm us. Look at the spaces that have seen massive influxes of growth opportunities for people as our world has changed. Cryptocurrencies, green energy sources, and NFT’s, as well as the rise of digital and nomadic entrepreneurship has shown us that the people who are willing to expand their idea of what wealth and work can be are most well-equipped to generate it in our new world.

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This kind of innovative thinking is expansive and helps us to imagine whole new realms of possibility for ourselves no matter what our current bank account and credit score may show. In fact, Gikandi would argue that these representations are simply markers for our current experiences, and launching points for what we want to build. And from this perspective, maintaining good credit and purchasing things on credit become simply tools for personal expansion that can be used freely as such.

How might you look at your finances and money differently if you didn’t label them as “bad” or “good,” “abundant” or “lacking,” but rather as neutral data that helped you take inspired action toward upping your personal value and wealth consciousness. Would there be more space to make inspired choices that fed self growth, instead of impulsive choices that came from fear or perceived need?

Could you cultivate excitement about doing your financial errands, opening your bank accounts and paying bills with this new perspective? Could you approach financial literacy from a place of joy and curiosity?

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These are the emotions that we want to have with our money anyway...how could you embody them now and watch them change your financial future? Whatever your tax bracket, this kind of thinking and practice is universally accessible, and will breed the most incredible financial results, not just for your bank account but the world at large.

Thomas Donaldson is CompareCredit.com's credit card expert. His work has been featured by USA Today, NBC News, Business Insider and many more.

Tanza Loudenback is a CFP® certificant, writer, and editor. From 2015 to 2021, she was a top-read author and editor at Business Insider. Her work focuses on helping people make smart decisions with their money and is published by a variety of online publications. Full Bio

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