Top 3 Considerations For Comparing the Best Holiday Travel Credit Cards
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Three Considerations For Choosing the Best Holiday Travel Credit Card

Before the holiday travel starts, make sure you take these things into consideration when comparing the options for the best credit to travel with.

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The Holiday Season is rapidly approaching and now is the time to start thinking about when and where you’ll be spending your time with family and friends. Often a major part of the decision of where you will (or won’t) be traveling to is the cost of holiday travel.

Already some of the busiest days to travel, this holiday season should be a little extra crazy as people across the country make up for missed time spent together last year due to holiday travel restricted by the pandemic.

One of the best tools to use during the busy holiday travel season: a no fee travel credit card.

These credit cards will give you the freedom to earn valuable travel rewards while reducing your holiday spending. And who wouldn’t want to earn points towards later vacation for spending you are already planning on making?

Here are our top three things to consider when picking out a credit card to earn rewards for your holiday travel.

1. Extra Welcome Bonus Offers

Many cards are currently offering some of the best bonus offers ever for reaching a certain amount spent in your welcome period. Between your holiday travel, gifts for family and friends and all the holiday grocery shopping that happens, there is no shortage of spending going on. Why not take advantage of this and earn some bonus points?

From an extra with the to with the , there are a number of ways to level-up your rewards depending on what makes the most sense for you.

2. You Don’t Have to Fly to Earn Rewards

Maybe you prefer to stay close to home and are planning a nearby road trip stay-cation for the holidays. Or you are lucky enough to have your family all in the nearby area requiring you to only hop in the car to make your holiday travel.

This doesn't mean you shouldn’t be thinking about how to earn rewards for your holiday “travel.” Consider a credit card with great gas rewards to make the most of your holiday season. The is a great way to earn gas rewards with it’s . Or if you want a little extra cash back on your transit spending, the is currently offering Terms Apply.

3. Pay attention to fees

One important thing to consider when selecting a rewards credit card is the different fees associated with the card. If you are not a big traveler, and the holiday season is your only travel time of the year, then definitely pick a credit card with no annual fee so you are not paying for more than you need to.

But if you are a more frequent traveler or are planning on taking a vacation or two in the near future, maybe it is worth considering a card with an annual fee. Although you may pay an annual fee, you’ll also earn an extra set of rewards (travel credit(s), free TSA PreCheck, travel insurance, etc.) that could be highly valuable and worth the annual fee.

Bottom Line

To make your journey to your holiday destination(s) a little less bumpy, now is a great time to consider a new travel rewards credit card. And with bonus rewards and all the costs associated with the holiday season, with the right card in hand, you could quickly earn your way to a much deserved post-holiday beach vacation.