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Target Red Card Review

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Target. It’s one of America’s most favorite places to shop for everything from toys to groceries to home office supplies and so much more. Like many of the big box stores, Target offers its own credit card, the Target RedCard. Are you a big target shopper or maybe you’re moving to a new neighborhood with a Target nearby, well our experts have laid out their favorite and not-so-favorite RedCard offers to help you determine if this is the right card for you.

Target Credit Card Benefits Offered To You

  • 5% Off All Target Purchases – That’s right, as a Target RedCard holder, you will receive an extra 5% off on all eligible purchases. That 5% includes: purchases made on, clearance items, top deals of the week, in-store Starbucks locations and specialty gift cards. Target/CVS pharmacy purchases and eye exams are not included.
  • No Annual Fee – The Target RedCard has no annual fee and four convenient ways to pay your bill each month.
  • Shipping & Return Perks – As a RedCard member, you are eligible for an extra 30 days for returns on all eligible purchases. And if shopping online, you receive free standard shipping and, when available, free 2-day shipping.

Target Credit Card Drawbacks

  • High-Interest Rate – Like most store cards, the RedCard carries a high APR  of 22.90% (subject to change with Prime) but without a range for different applicants, if you are not paying off the card every month the interest could add up, and fast.
  • No Rewards – You’ll enjoy the 5% discount, but beyond that as a loyal Target shopper you won’t be seeing other rewards. Some other cards offer cash back and points you can use that could be more valuable to you in the long run. Additionally, to not receiving any additional rewards at Target, you won’t receive any rewards for using the card on purchases made outside of Target.

Our Final Recommendation for Best Credit Card For You

If you primarily do all of your shopping at Target then this could be a great card for you. 5% off groceries is an excellent perk and will save you a good amount of money across the year. However, there's a card below that offers up to 6% off your groceries and if you like to mix up your shopping or utilize multiple online retailers, then we would recommend a different card with a larger benefit and reward program.

Disclaimer: All information in this article regarding the Target Red Card is accurate as of publishing date, but may have since changed. When considering and applying for a new credit card, please review the most up to date Terms & Conditions on the credit card issuer website.

Compare the Target Credit Card to Some of Our Favorites

If you do not do all of your shopping at Target or are looking for a card that rewards you for your Target purchases and purchases made at other stores, we recommend you take a look at these cards: