Petal® 1 "No Annual Fee" Visa® Credit Card | CompareCredit Expert Review
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Petal® Card: A Better Choice than Credit One

You can do better than a Credit One card. The Petal® 1 Visa® Credit Card's Annual Fee offer is the best deal for building credit that I've seen in my years of reviewing credit cards. The people signing up for this card are the ones who are fed up with high fees and want to earn cash back while they build credit.

I realize that describes most people, which explains why this card has become so much more popular than Credit One.

Bottom Line:

  • NEW 2% - 10% cash back at select merchants
  • Annual Fee and no foreign transaction fees
  • $300 - $5,000 credit limits
  • See if you're pre-approved in minutes without impacting your credit score
  • Click, "APPLY NOW" to apply online

Why Petal® is a Better Card for Building Credit

If you sign up online today you can receive between 2% and 10% cash back from select merchants – that cash back will pile up fast! This is the highest rewards rate I've seen from a credit card for people with .

Sure, Credit One cards may offer a measly 1% cash back, but they also come with steep annual fees, as high as $95! The truth is, you shouldn't have to pay a fee to build credit. With the Petal® card there is no annual fee.

Traveling outside of the U.S.? Have no fear – you can keep using your Petal® card with no interruptions because it has no foreign transaction fees. Credit One cards, on the other hand, charge a 3% foreign transaction fee – yikes!

The is a true credit card that reports to all 3 major credit bureaus and doesn't require any deposit to open an account.

Who Should Get This Card

is a great fit for anyone who wants to build credit — with credit limits up to $5,000, no annual fee, and cash back on purchases, this offer is too good to pass up.

Maybe you're one of the millions that received a letter in your mailbox saying you are pre-approved with Credit One, and now you're considering applying. Well, with Petal® you can easily see if you're pre-approved online in seconds without impacting your credit score – why not check your pre-approval and see if you can get a better card than Credit One?

I've personally been recommending this card for years to all my friends with . The Petal® 1 card comes with a uniquely rich combination of features and there's no guarantee how much longer they'll be offering it.

Interested and want to find out if you're approved? You could get a decision in 60 seconds or less. Why wait? APPLY NOW