CompareCredit | 8 Ways To Bring A Little Light Into Your Financial Life
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8 Ways To Bring A Little Light Into Your Financial Life

It can be hard to stay motivated when it comes to managing your finances. But there are some simple ways to brighten up the process and make money management more enjoyable. Here are eight ways to add a little light into your financial life!

1. Reward yourself

Set small, achievable goals for yourself and reward yourself with something special once you accomplish them. You might give yourself a massage or buy a new book after achieving each milestone, giving you extra motivation along the way.

2. Make it fun

Turn your financial planning into an engaging game by creating different levels of savings accounts that offer rewards as you reach different thresholds in each one. This will help keep things interesting while teaching you how to manage your money better over time.

3. Give back

Giving away part of what we have is always rewarding, so why not use this mindset when thinking about our finances? Setting aside even just a small portion of your income for charitable causes like food banks or animal shelters will not only bring joy to those in need but also provide comfort and satisfaction for ourselves as wel1.

4. Get organized

Taking steps towards organization helps us feel less overwhelmed when dealing with our finances because everything is neatly sorted out, and easy-to-find documents are at our fingertips whenever we need them. Investing in organizational tools such as filing cabinets or apps designed specifically for budget tracking can save valuable time spent searching down important paperwork later on down the line.

5. Shop smarter

Overindulging often leads people into debt, so try shopping smarter instead! Comparison shop online before making purchases and look out for discounts, coupons, loyalty programs, deals, etcetera that may be available at certain stores during particular times of year

6. Automate payments

Let technology do its job by using automated payment methods like direct debit, which take care of regular bills without requiring any effort from us other than the initial setup.

7. Track spending habits

Keeping tabs on where exactly all our money goes every month is key in understanding how much we’re really spending versus saving — this knowledge allows us to find areas where we could potentially cut back if necessary.

8. Take advantage of perks

Many credit cards offer great rewards programs that can help reduce monthly expenses like groceries, travel, entertainment etc., so make sure you're signing up for these programs where available! Just remember not to overspend on non-essential items just because they come with rewards/perks; only charge what you can pay off each month safely without incurring any interest fees or debt down the line!

Michael is's co-founder and a credit card industry insider. He spent 15 years working for top-tier U.S. banks and helped shape the way people currently compare and apply for credit cards online.