How to be Reconsidered for Credit Card Approval
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Denied? You Could Still Be Approved: How to be Reconsidered for Credit Card Approval

You applied for a credit card and were super excited to start earning new rewards and take advantage of the credit card’s welcome bonus offer(s). But then the unthinkable happens and you find out you were denied.

Being denied for a credit card doesn’t necessarily mean you have bad credit or you’re not worthy of being approved. Issuers and different credit cards have all sorts of different requirements to be approved.

If you really want the credit card you applied for and believe you qualify for each of the requirements for that credit card, then you may want to call the issuer and ask for an application reconsideration.

How to Go About Having Your Application Reconsidered

The approval requirements are usually pretty black and white, but mistakes can happen. In the case you think a mistake was made, you can reach out to the bank and ask for them to review your application and/or provide them additional information to enhance your application.

There is no guarantee they will approve you based on an application reconsideration or even reconsider your application. It doesn’t hurt to ask, and it happens frequently enough that banks have created dedicated phone numbers for credit card application reconsiderations.

Additionally, if you are denied, it is required by law the issuer let you know why you were denied by writing. So if you want to be reconsider, it may be worth waiting to understand why you denied first before asking. Common reasons you be denied can include:

  • Already having too many credit cards
  • Applying for too many new credit cards in the recent past
  • Having too much credit extended to you already
  • Carrying too much debt between your current credit cards and loans
  • Insufficient income to qualify for a new credit card
  • Poor/low credit score or no credit history
  • Your credit card application is incomplete
  • The card issuer doesn’t have enough information to approve you for a credit card
  • You have a charge-off or delinquency on your credit report

What to Do When You Call

After reviewing why, you were denied, and you think the reason is worth reconsidering, it’s time to give the issuer a call. But what do you say?

The first thing to do is make sure you have all the information that is needed to dispute the reason you were denied. Maybe you have had a lot of recent applications, but you have a good reason for why. Or maybe you just paid off your personal loan but they payment wasn’t reflected when you applied for the new credit card. Whatever it may be, make sure to have the proof and information to back up why a reconsideration is just and will produce a favorable result.

The other thing to remember when you call for a reconsideration is, the person on the side of the phone is indeed another person too. Being direct but patient is important. This person didn’t approve or deny your application and they are not there to stop you from being approved. They’re just managing phone calls and reviewing the clear-cut requirements provided by someone else.

It’s a great time to remember the adage – “You’ll get more with honey then you will vinegar.”

Tips For Getting Your Application Reconsidered

  • Review your Credit Reports – One of the main reasons you may be denied a credit card is having a low or poor credit score. Take the time to use one of the free credit score reports online and review your current score. If there is a mistake or something wrong with your credit reporting, getting this fixed can make a big impact on being reconsidered.
  • Adjust your Credit Limit Request – When you applied you may have asked for a certain credit score, or your application assumed you were looking for a certain credit limit. When you can for a reconsideration, if you are willing to negotiate for a lower credit limit, this may change the issuer’s willingness to approve you.

Bottom Line

If you are denied for a credit card, don’t fret there are ways and strategies to take to have your application reconsidered. And if you end up not getting approved now, waiting and reapplying down the road may be best way to get the credit card you want.

But if you are in more of a rush and need the funds sooner than “down the road” you can also take some of these steps to improve your credit score or find another option that makes more sense for where you are at right now.

Thomas Donaldson is's credit card expert. His work has been featured by USA Today, NBC News, Business Insider and many more.