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How to Survive (and Afford) the Wedding Season

Our experts give their advice on the best ways for you to stress less and dance more during the wedding season.

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While wedding season is a fun time to celebrate love between a couple, it can also end up being pricey and taking all of your vacation time. Hopes for summer adventures overtaken by attending the unions of happy couples. If this sound like you, don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

Americans are expected to attend more weddings than ever before in the coming months and year. Vendors are reporting a demand double or even triple than they have seen before.

All this means, for the first time (maybe ever) being the wedding guest, may be the most expensive role to play. Flights and hotel reservations are going to be in high demand driving prices to a premium. Not to mention the outside factors already increasing the cost of airline travel.

All that considered, our experts at CompareCredit came together to help you jumpstart your planning to find the best ways to make this wedding season one to remember both for you and your wallet.

Book Your Flights & Hotels Early

Weddings aren’t the only things that are suddenly seeing a surge, because of pent-up demand. Flights and hotels are actually getting more expensive, too. Since April, domestic fares have increased by 9% and international fares have gone up by 17%.

It’s impossible to know how the year will play out or if prices will stabilize, but there will likely be ongoing demand for travel and hospitality for the foreseeable future.

To really make sure that you’re ready for big weddings, you should book your travel dates as early as possible, so you have flexibility when it comes to choosing the most affordable options.

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Plan the Wedding Expenses as a Group

Rather than getting a hotel, think about getting an Airbnb or car-pooling with other wedding guests. Bachelor and bachelorette parties, bridal parties, special dinners and events before the wedding can all start adding up quickly.

By coordinating with other people in the wedding party, you can help keep expenses down.

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Check the Registry Early

Nowadays, most couples put together a registry that lists all of their top presents. The prices between these gifts can vary - a lot. A good rule of thumb is your wedding gift should be equal to the plate of food at the wedding your attend. So plan to look and buy your gift early before all the more affordable gifts are gone.

Alternatively, look for options to contribute to a honeymoon or house fund, you can still earn credit card rewards without breaking the bank for a more expensive gift off the registry. Or make it a group effort too and pool your funds for something special for the happy couple.

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Set a Budget for Drinks

Unless you’re going to a wedding with an open bar, the cash bar can add up fast.

If you’ve got a bunch of weddings coming up, make sure to keep track of what you’re spending when you’re actually at the venue itself. This usually comes down to the bar, so as long as you withdraw cash and make sure to stick to that amount, you can at least know what you’ll be spending during the special day.

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Know Your Wardrobe

Three weddings in a summer? Back-to-back weddings in a week?

Whatever the schedule, the big secret is that no one will know if you’re wearing the same thing each time. Aside from travel and wedding gifts, wardrobe can be the most expensive item on the wedding guest budget list.

If you’re part of a bridal party or groomsmen, make sure you understand what’s expected already, so you can potentially mix and match with what you already have. Make sure to know whether you’ll be able to rent the outfit or if you’re expected to buy it, and factor that into the rest of your budget.

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A Wedding Season Like No Other

Last year, provided couples with the challenge of balancing normal wedding stress with the uncertainty of a global pandemic and constant changes to pulling off the wedding of their dreams.

With so many electing to postpone their nuptials to the 2021 wedding season and beyond, the wedding guest is now the one dealing with the stress of wedding season.But, with the right strategy, this wedding season doesn’t have to break your bank and you may be able to even come out ahead with the right planning. Leaving you to dance the night away with all the happy couples.