Shopping Tips to Make Your Holiday Season a Even More Jolly
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Shopping Tips to Make Your Holiday Season Even More Jolly

From online comparison tools to picking out the best credit card rewards, our experts give a few of their favorite tips and tricks to make the holiday season a little easier.

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Holiday shopping can be a challenge for the savviest of shoppers. And this year, due to the continued pandemic, stores moving farther away from Black Friday stampedes and a focus on online sales, retailers are pushing consumers towards online shopping more than ever before.

Yet, there are a ton of ways to make the most of these trends and earn some great rewards from all your holiday shopping. To do so however it is important to have a plan of attack (and a few tips) to make your holiday shopping easy and rewarding.

Find the Best Deals and Save the Most Money

“I’m just browsing,” even when you weren’t, might be the most used phrase during in-person holiday shopping. As customers strolled through malls, they often would browse many stores looking for the best price on the same item.

Yet, as shopping has moves more and more to the web, “browsing” has declined, and with-it comparison shopping. All you have to do is type in what you are looking for, hit search, click on the first link that pops up, and boom you're done. No second thought, no looking around.

Or if you are already a digital-first shopper, you may often assume if the item is on Amazon (or your favorite wholesale site), then that is probably the best price. But what if Amazon isn’t the best price, and you could easily browse other retailers for the best price?

Take a few extra minutes to compare retailers and websites when you're doing your shopping and make sure you are getting the best price. When you save $25 here and $60 there by comparing prices, deals and online offers, you'll be able to make your budget go farther this holiday season.

Maximize Your Rewards

From big bonus welcome offers to almost two years of no interest, there is no shortage of exciting credit card rewards and perks to pick from right now. And the holiday season is a great time to maximize your holiday spending for these excellent rewards with a new credit card. But it is important to pick the right reward category for you.

If you’re a constant traveler or planning a big vacation for 2022, then a travel rewards card makes the most sense for you. The is a great pick for travel rewards.

But if you’re looking for something a little more general, then a cash back card like the is a great option.

When picking a credit card for the holiday season be sure to pick something that has the reward program that’s best for your lifestyle.

Make Sure You Do Your Shopping Early

The holiday season is notorious for creating nationwide shipping and delivery delays. Add in global shipping and supply chain problems caused by the pandemic and packages may take longer than ever before to get to your door this year.

That’s why we recommend collecting your family and friends wish lists early this year. Start shopping now, so you can be sure to have all your gifts by the holiday season. And if you want to start shopping now (or very soon), consider applying for a card that provides you with your account information instantly after being approved.

Let Your Favorite Companies Do the Work for You

So much is made about privacy these days, and we’re all for keeping your information private. But every now and again it’s okay to let a company “follow” you.

Allowing your favorite brands to follow your interactions via cookies and history tracking will let them keep items in your cart when it’s time to return to purchase, send you emails with exclusive offers and let you know when an item is low in inventory or back in stock.

Bottom Line

With a little planning and a new credit card at your side, this holiday season doesn’t need to be a stress. With the tools we have found to help you and some smart planning, you’ll be able to save on your holiday hopping and earn the rewards that make the most sense for you. Leaving you more time to enjoy the season and sip that glass of Eggnog.