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The Best Credit Cards for the On-The-Go Sales Team

As business travel ramps up over the summer. Our team of experts lay out the best business cards to use as your team criss-crosses the country.

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If you've been on the road or at the airport for the first time in a while, you're not alone. Flights and hotels are getting booked again as people start making vacation plans that they had delayed for a long time. Travel is back. And that means that business travel is coming back, too. Conferences are returning and sales reps are hitting the road again.

In a recent survey of business leaders, more than half of those surveyed said that they expected business travel to come back to pre-COVID levels within a year. Of that group, a quarter said they expect travel to normalize by the end of the year and 9% said business travel had already returned. Another survey found that global corporate travel bookings have recovered at a rate of 10% week over week.

We're entering a renaissance period for business travel, which means it's the perfect time to think about what cards can help your team keep moving as they start meeting with clients and attending conferences again.

Here are our recommendations:

Find a Card with Good Cashback Rewards

A lot of sales reps use their cards for everything when they’re on a business trip - from the first coffee in the morning and the Uber to the airport to a fancy dinner for a client. To make sure you have the best business card for sales teams, you should look at cashback rewards and what different cards offer.

A great cashback card should have no caps or expiration. It could also offer a high percentage of cash back whenever the card gets used. Reps will get incentivized to use a company card and they’ll get a little bonus just for going on the trip every time they use their card.

Our Recommendation: The - This card will give you the best flat cash back rate with . It also offers new card holders a . This card does not have an intro APR offer, so if you are looking to earn rewards with an already established sales team this is a great pick.

Or if you are looking for greater travel rewards for your on-the-go team, we would also recommend the . Instead of cash back this card will reward you with . And you’ll be able to redeem the rewards instantly for any travel related purpose or transfer them to 10+ leading travel loyalty programs.

Minimize Fees

The best business cards for sales teams shouldn’t bust the budget for other employee expenses. If you’ve got a fast-growing salesforce, it’s also important to look at cards that don’t charge fees. Some business cards don’t have annual fees, which can be a big line item at the end of each year for small businesses.

If you’re a larger organization and reps are going global, make sure to think about foreign transaction fees, too.

Our Recommendation: The - This card offers up to ( ongoing). Giving your business the ability to buy inventory, invest in a fleet of vehicles, finance a new video conference system or spend on any other sales team need with the ability to space out your payments over the next year, giving you the cash flexibility every business needs. . There is also a annual fee.

Watch the APR Rate

If you’re a new business just figuring out resourcing and payroll, make sure that low interest cards can be some of the best business cards for a new salesforce. Expenses can take a long time to approve and pay out if you’re just getting the systems and training set up - and a high APR can end up being another expense if things aren’t streamlined.

There are business cards that are extremely low interest and others that have 0% APR for the first twelve months as a guarantee. Evaluate your options to see what works best for your company.

Our Recommendation: - This card from Chase offers annual fee and up to (ongoing ). Giving your business the ability to grow without having to pay high interest rates. Giving you even further flexibility as you stack up the rewards while your team zig zags the map.

Finding a Card that Grows with You

Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise company, a company card represents an important link between employee and business. By making sure that your salesforce is equipped with the best cards for their needs, you can build employee loyalty and help make every trip the best possible for both your business and the employee.