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Best Credit Cards For New York City

Living in The Big Apple can be a exhilarating and overwhelming all at the same time. With the right credit card however, you can take advantage of all New York City has to offer.

Updated on July 3, 2022
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Between work, exploring the city and building a community – New York City can be overwhelming, even to the longest tenured residents…especially when you consider the always inflating prices and costs of living in the city.

Now we may not be able to tell you where to get the best pizza in New York (John’s on Bleeker) or the best spot for a karaoke night with friends (Iggy’s), our CompareCredit experts can help you find the stretch your budget to help you, and your wallet, do all that you want to and more when it comes to living in New York.

Getting Around the City

There’s about no shortage of ways to get around NYC, and everyone has their preference. But, if you’re like the 5 million daily riders the Subway is probably your main means of transportation. Or maybe your office is across town and an MTA Bus makes more sense to get to and from work. Either way you’ll definitely be purchasing an MTA card to pay for your fares.

When it comes to taking advantage of your commute and zig zagging across the city to indulge in the always growing list of “must-try” new restaurants, the is the way to go. This card rewards you with cash back on all transit including taxis/rideshare, parking, tolls, trains, buses and more. So, whether it is time to refill your MTA card, or you need a taxi home after last call at 4am, you’ll be earning great rewards.

Exploring New York

Speaking of restaurants and bars, New York City has one of the best food scenes in the world. From traditional ethnic restaurants found in the boroughs to the fine-dining Michelin Star restaurants of Midtown Manhattan, eating out is a must for any New Yorker. The is going to be your key to success here. With you’ll be able to earn cash back every time you dive into a new plate of food or take a sip at the hottest new cocktail bar.

And with so much good food, you’re probably going to be finding yourself at your local gym or cycle studio quite a bit a lot. Between expensive memberships, the go-to post workout smoothie and “required” stylish gym outfits the will again help you beef up your wallet while you shed the calories.

And when it’s time for a night under the lights of Broadway, keep racking up the cash back with another of your tickets, sippy cups of wine and other theater treats. Or if you opted for the aforementioned , be sure to check out the countless Broadway deals they offer in their American Express member experiences.

Bottom Line

There is just so much to do in New York City, it’s hard to even know where to start and where to end. Beyond work and play, there are the historical sights to see, a thriving fashion scene to splurge on and a new festival happening every week, any local knows you never have any problem finding something to do.

It all may be a tad overwhelming at times, but with the right strategy and credit card, financing it all doesn’t have to be. By arming yourself with one of these great cards, you’ll be sure to stretch your budget to afford all there is to do and more.