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Best Credit Cards for Living in Phoenix

Our experts pick their favorite cards for those who live in and around Phoenix, Arizona.

Updated on July 3, 2022
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There’s no better place to call home than the Valley of the Sun. Whether you’ve planted your roots in the downtown area, Scottsdale, Tempe, or Mesa, chances are that you’re always on the move.

With so much to do, locals need to make the most of their credit cards. Whether you’re traversing the city, enjoying a weekend out with friends, eating yummy food, or planning to make a big purchase, there’s a card for everyone on this list.

Commuting & Getting Around Phoenix

There are endless ways to get around Phoenix. Whether you prefer to ride the bus, the light rail, or if you drive yourself, the fact is that you’re spending money to get where you need to go. Our experts suggest taking advantage of your commute with the . This credit card offers one of the highest cash back rates on the market.

Whether you’re paying for your bus fare or filling up the tank for the week, you’ll earn . The more you move, the more cash back you earn.


Phoenix offers one of the best night life and entertainment scenes in the inland West Coast. From the Roosevelt Row Arts District to CityScape, there are endless bars, restaurants, and concerts to enjoy all-year-round.

Have fun and build your social circle all while earning cash back on all of your purchases. The card offers .

So go on and enjoy the food, drinks, and company at Angels Trumpet Ale House or Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails. You can swipe with ease knowing that you’re earning cash back.

Daily Life

Phoenix isn’t exactly the cheapest city. From buying groceries on a weekly basis, to hitting the gym to stay fit, to paying for childcare services, the expenses start to add up fast. And while bills are all part of life, with the or the , you’ll earn cash back on all purchases!

Need to cover a big expense but lack the funds to pay for it upfront? The is here to save the day. This credit card offers an intro APR of and only after that. Which means smaller payments and no money spent towards interest, giving you the time to pay off your purchase without stress. Other perks include annual fee and .

Bottom Line

There’s so much to do and see in Phoenix. From barhopping with friends to playing a round at the Encanto Golf Course, you can always count on having a busy schedule.

With the right credit cards, you can spend money, earn cash back, and have plenty of time to pay off large purchases. Helping you afford everything there is to do and see, and then some.