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Best Credit Cards for Living in Los Angeles

Our experts pick their favorite cards for those who live in and around Los Angeles, California.

Updated on July 3, 2022
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Los Angeles is a diverse and exciting place to call home. Whether you choose the hustle and bustle of downtown Los Angeles, one of the finer neighborhoods like Bel Air, or something with a little more international flair such as Little Tokyo, there will always be plenty to do.

With such a busy schedule, you need a credit card that can keep up with you and make your life easier. Check out the top credit card picks from our experts here!

Out on the Town

Whether you’re getting a delicious steak at the famed Pacific Dining Car or casually trying to run into celebrities as you shop at the Hollywood & Highland, you need one of the best cash back credit cards available.

With the , you don’t have to worry about figuring out what category your purchase falls into. This card not only offers one of the highest cash back rates on the market, but it also counts for all purchases. Earning rewards for credit cards couldn’t be easier!

Getting Around Los Angeles

It’s no secret that the traffic is horrible in Los Angeles. With nearly 4 million people living in one city, the freeways are always jammed. You can even get stuck in traffic on the 101 on a Saturday morning.

If you’re new to Los Angeles you’ll quickly discover that getting anywhere takes effort and public transport doesn’t always get you close enough to walk.

If a car isn’t in your budget, you can spring for one of the popular Bird or Lime motorized scooters to get you that last mile home with the help of the .

Daily Life in Los Angeles

Every day you find yourself running errands — grocery store, gym, dry cleaners, takeout, etc. One of the best credit cards offering flexibility for all those stops is . It offers and a and after.

And if you need to finance your LA glow up to fit in with all the beautiful people walking around the streets and beaches, then the is a great option. With one of the longest no interest periods offered for new card holders, you’ll be able to do all you need to do fit into the LA scene.

Bottom Line

Life is exciting and fast-paced in Los Angeles (except when you’re on the freeway). A versatile credit card that can keep up with you can make your life a whole lot easier in this colorful and diverse city.