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Best Credit Cards for Living in Houston

Our experts pick their favorite cards for those who live in and around Houston, Texas.

Updated on July 3, 2022
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Houston, better known as the Bayou City, is one of the best places to live in the U.S. Whether you call Sugar Land, Baytown, or Pearland home, there’s always something to get into.

As a Houstonian, it’s important to make the most of your financial decisions. Whether you’re trying out a new restaurant, spending time at a local concert, or making a big purchase, there’s a credit card on this list that meets your spending needs.

Commuting & Getting Around Houston

Houston is the fourth biggest city in Texas, which means there’s a lot of miles to cover. Chances are that you spend a lot of money on transportation costs. Whether you pay fares to ride the METRO light rail or if you own a car, in order to get around the city, you’ve got to pay.

But what if you could earn money for commuting? The offers cash back on all transportation expenses. Whether you’re buying a bus ticket or filling up at the pump, with this card, you’ll earn money each time you’re on the move.


There are endless things to do in Houston. Spend your time in the Market Square Historic District or on the Main Street Strip in Downtown, you know all-too-well that there’s no shortage of bars, restaurants, and outdoor events to enjoy.

You also know just how expensive staying entertained in a big city can be. What if you could have all the fun you want, while earning cash back on all of your purchases? The offers .

The best part? You’ll enjoy and after that.

Daily Life

Living in any big city is expensive, and Houston is no exception. From paying for groceries to your gym membership to other monthly expenses, things start to add up – and quickly.

While you can’t escape bills, you can make your purchases work for you. The and the offer cash back on all your purchases.

Each time you swipe, you’ll be seeing dollar signs.

And for those big, unexpected expenses, be sure to use the card, which offers and after. This can save you hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars in interest fees.

Bottom Line

Life as a Houstonian is nothing short of exciting. Living in or around the city means you’ll never be bored. But living in a big city also brings with it other challenges, namely a higher cost of living.

The good news is that your finances don’t have to be a source of stress. With the right credit card you can make living in the city that much better.