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BankAmericard Review: One of the Longest Intro APR Offers in the Market

As interest rates continue to change to help moderate inflation, the cost of borrowing is on the rise. So, savvy consumers need a way to weather the storm and keep a little stability in their budgets.

The has shoppers covered thanks to a generous low intro APR for both purchases and qualifying balance transfers. A welcome solution to skyrocketing rates.

Here are the most notable features of this card:

  • and any balance transfers made in the first 60 days
  • and balance transfers after the introductory period.
  • $0 Annual Fee

How spending more can help you save

In the market for a big-ticket item sometime in the near future? Consider the demands of holiday shopping and the inevitable post-holiday sales that pop up each year. Buying now and paying later doesn’t cost you anything extra as long as you pay off your purchases within 21 billing cycles of opening your account. This extra-long intro period is hard to ignore.

What can you buy with a balance transfer card?

Time. Once approved for the you get time to pay down your balance. 21 full billing cycles to be exact. That’s approaching two years during which you pay no interest on balance transfers you make within the first 60 days of opening your account. And remember, the 0% introductory APR applies not only to balances you transfer, but to all purchases you make with the card as well.

Any costs you might not have considered?

On the contrary. This card comes with two features that save you fees
instead of charging them. The first one is rather refreshing. It’s a “No penalty APR.” That means that paying your bill late won’t automatically raise your interest rate (APR) once the introductory period expires. The second one saves you money as well: no annual fee. A great one-two punch to protect you from paying more than you should.

Sound good? We think so too. See if you are approved simply by clicking here.