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Apple Credit Card Review

Editorial Note: Our editorial team’s content is not provided, commissioned or otherwise endorsed by any financial institution or partner. The opinions, reviews or recommendations expressed in any article mention are solely those of our editorial team.

You know Apple? The little company that makes computers, phones, tablets, TVs, TV shows, and pretty much anything else to entertain you and make your life more productive. Well did you know they now offer a credit card? Yup, that’s right for all you (or non) Apple heads, we’re here to tell you all about the Apple Credit Card and why it might be the best credit card for you.

From cash back offers, payment scheduling and no annual fee, the Apple Credit Card has many attractive features. Plus, thanks to Apple’s network of devices you can use it both physically and virtually through your phone.

All in Apple’s effort to help you make smarter choices with your money.

Apple Credit Card Benefits Offered to You

  • Up to 3% cash back on purchases – Apple is offering a great set of cash back rewards for all purchases made at Apple, as well as a number of chosen partners like Uber, Duane Reade, Nike, Exxon and more. Additionally, you can earn 2% cash back on every purchase you make when you use Apple Pay. If you cannot use Apple Pay or choose not to you’ll still earn 1% cash back on all purchases.
  • No Annual Fee – The Apple Credit Card has no annual fee, plus it doesn’t charge any late fees, international transaction fees, or over your limit fees.
  • Apple Purchase Payment Options – Whether you’re in the market for a new Apple product now or in the future, Apple allows you to finance any purchase of a new Apple product. You pick the payment amount and how long you want to pay, and your card will be charged monthly with no interest or fees.

Plus as part of the cash back benefit, you’ll earn 3% cash back right up front.

  • Convenient Credit Card Tools – Apple takes its slick design features and styles and applies them to managing your credit card. From the way you can view your bill to the daily cash back feature, it’s easy to understand what is going on with your credit card in real-time.

Apple Credit Card Drawbacks

  • Low cash back on everyday purchases – When you use the physical card to pay instead of Apple Pay and are not spending the categories highlighted above, you’ll earn only 1% cash back. So if you’re looking for great credit card rewards on everyday purchases like groceries, gas, streaming services or bigger purchases like travel this might not be the card for you.
  • No APR Intro Offer & Potentially high interest – Depending on your creditworthiness, you may have to pay a higher interest rate on outstanding card balances. Variable interest rates range anywhere from 10.99% to 21.99%. And this card doesn’t have any 0% APR intro offer, so you’ll have to start paying interest from your first billing cycle.
  • Non-Apple Users – If you are a fan of other brands/products/phones than Apple (Microsoft, Android, Google, etc.) with so many benefits for this card having to do with Apple integrations and purchases, we would suggest looking at some of our Best Cash Back Cards <link> to earn more than the 1% cash back this card offers.

Our Final Recommendation for Best Credit Card For You

If you are a big Apple fan, purchase their products regularly or enjoy not having to carry a wallet and using your phone to pay for things, then the Apple Credit Card is a great fit. You’ll enjoy lots of cash back, easy to navigate credit card tools and no annual fee.

But if you are looking for a credit card with a little more flexibility in your cash back and/or rewards earning opportunities, or if you’re not a big Apple fan, then we suggest looking into some other options than the Apple Credit Card.

Disclaimer: All information in this article regarding the Apple Credit Card is accurate as of publishing date, but may have since changed. When considering and applying for a new credit card, please review the most up to date Terms & Conditions on the credit card issuer website.

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