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New and Improved: Blue Cash Everyday® Card Gets a Makeover

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Coming across cash in today’s economy is getting harder and harder. The fight against inflation is real, but life must go on. That’s why lets you pay yourself back with the everyday purchases that will always remain a part of your routine.

Skip to the good part and show me the money.

Ok, fine. How about $200 just for getting started? With this card, you’ll earn a . And yes, that’s just the beginning.

Go on, I’m listening.

We thought you might be. Like we said, the pinch that many of us are feeling at the pump, the grocery store, and when clicking around for the best deals online is undeniable. And while the cash sign-up bonus sure could help, a longer-term strategy to earn more cash would be welcome. That’s where this new Amex card really delivers.

Let’s have the numbers.

In each of those three categories we just mentioned — U.S. gas stations, U.S. supermarkets, and U.S. online retail purchases — you can earn 3% cash back on up to $6,000 of purchases per year, and 1% after that. That’s in addition to the $200 sign-up bonus. That’s already a solid value proposition, but there’s even more.

More cash, I hope.

Indeed. American Express has partnered with two very popular companies to save you more cash on monthly bills. When you’re enrolled in a Disney entertainment bundle (Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+) you can get $7 back each month. When enrolled in Home Chef, you can get back $15 each month. That’s $84 and $180, respectively. For each and every year of enrollment.

How much cash are we up to now?

Over $1,000. Seriously. Let’s do the math. A $200 sign-up bonus + $180 in each of three everyday spending categories + $84 cash back for your Disney bundle + $180 cash back for your Home Chef subscription = $1,004. Don’t forget, you could earn significantly more than that since you continue to get 1% cash back on every purchase you make, no matter the product category.

And how much of that cash do I lose to the annual fee?

Zero dollars. The does not have an annual fee.

Suppose I have some big-ticket items to buy, but no interest in paying, well…interest?

We don’t blame you. How does no interest for 15 months sound? You can shop interest-free for well over a year with 0% intro APR on purchases. After that, the variable APR goes to

That’s a lot to process. How about a recap?

The offers the chance to:

  • Earn a $200 statement credit after you spend $2,000 in purchases on your new Card within the first 6 months.
  • Enjoy 0% intro APR on purchases and balance transfers for 15 months from the date of account opening. After that, .
  • 3% Cash Back at U.S. supermarkets on up to $6,000 per year in purchases, then 1%.
  • 3% Cash Back on U.S. online retail purchases, on up to $6,000 per year, then 1%.
  • 3% Cash Back at U.S. gas stations, on up to $6,000 per year, then 1%.
  • Pay no annual fee.

All I’m thinking about is $1,000 cash back in the first year.

Ahem. You have the potential for over $1,000 in the first year. And that’s before you start earning an additional 1% for every purchase. $1,004 in cash back, to be exact. But who’s counting, right?

You can apply for The here.