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These are the best products for you based on your credit.

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Best Gas Credit Cards

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Gas Rewards Credit Cards

Gas is one of the top items that U.S. consumers spend money on. Whether you’re filling up for your daily commute or taking a cross-country road trip, earning credit card rewards for each tank of gas is a great way to offset some of the cost. Lucky for you, there are many credit cards with rewards programs to help you earn cash back, points, or travel rewards every time you fill up.

Best Gas Credit Cards

Choosing the best credit card for gas will depend on if you want to maximize your rewards across all purchases, or simply earn the most back at the pump. Some cash back cards offer as much as 1.5% or 2% cash back on all purchases with no restrictions. If you don’t want to put any extra thought into your credit card rewards, these flat-rate cash back credit cards a great for earning rewards across all your spending.

On the other hand, there are some cards out there that offer more rewards for gas purchases. Some cards let you choose which spending category where you want to earn the most rewards – select gas purchases if you want to maximize your rewards on gas. There are a few rewards cards that come with rotating categories allowing you to earn up to 5% cash back on certain purchases during portions of the year. Gas is usually one of the rotating categories, so you can rack up a lot of rewards when that is the case.

Co-branded Gas Cards

Be wary of gas credit cards that are specifically branded to one gas station like Shell or Exxon Mobil. Unlike typical rewards credit cards that offer rewards based on how many dollar your spend, co-branded gas cards typically pay out rewards based on how many gallons of gas you purchase. The catch here is that since gas prices fluctuate on a regular basis, so do the amount of rewards you earn. As gas prices go down, so does the amount of rewards you earn with your credit card!

Gas Credit Cards – The Bottom Line

As long as you pay your balance off in full each month, using a rewards credit card is a great way to offset some of the cost of your purchases. This is especially true when it comes to gas! Whether you prefer a flat-rate gas card to earn rewards for all purchases or one that comes with bonuses for spending at gas stations, it’s easy to find the right gas card for you. Take a look at the gas credit cards above and apply online today to start saving!