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These are the best products for you based on your credit.

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Best Credit Cards

There’s a lot of information out there about finding the best credit card. But at the end of the day, the true ‘best credit card’ will always be different from person to person. That’s because everybody’s needs are different – some people need low interest rates on their credit card while others are interested in earning the most cash back or travel rewards on their purchases. So how do you find the best credit card for you? First you have to decide what you’re looking for in a credit card.

To figure out what the best credit card for you will be, first you need to take a look at your spending and payment habits. If you typically carry a balance on your credit card, then you’ll want to look for a card that comes with the lowest possible interest rates. But be warned – carrying a balance from month to month on a credit card can become very expensive and if you’re not careful you can end up digging yourself into a whole of debt that is difficult to get out of. The best practice for using a credit card it to pay the balance off in full every month.

That said, for anyone looking for a low interest credit card, the main features you’ll want to pay attention to are the interest rates associate with the card. The interest rates, otherwise known as the ‘APR’ (stands for Annual Percentage Yield) should be as low as possible in order to save you the most money. Many cards come with introductory interest rates of 0% for a number of months – sometimes as long as 21 months! These intro APRs can be very helpful for paying down your debt faster. But be careful not to get sucked in by the attractive intro APRs and not pay attention to the ongoing APRs. After the intro period is up, you’ll typically pay between 14-22% on your remaining balance each month. Having an APR on the lower end of this spectrum can save you a lot of money. A few of our favorites for low interest credit cards include the Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card and the BankAmericard® credit card.

For consumers who consistently pay their balance off in full each month, low interest rates are less of a necessity on their credit card. Instead, these consumers should focus on earning rewards for their purchases. Credit card rewards come in many different forms and the options are seemingly endless. For the simplest rewards structure, go with a flat-rate cash back card – there are many cards that offer 1-2% cash back on every purchase, no matter what you use your card for. The Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card is a great choice for flat-rate cash rewards. Cards like these will help ensure you are earning a solid rewards rate without having to put too much thought into your credit card rewards. Alternatively, some cash back cards like the Bank of America® Cash Rewards credit card come with special bonus categories where you earn more cash back for certain purchases like groceries or gas.

If you would rather earn travel rewards with your credit card, there are many options available to help turn your everyday purchases into your next vacation. Some travel credit cards are specifically associated with one airline or hotel, while others allow you to earn and redeem rewards towards any travel purchase. Both options have their pros and cons, but it ultimately boils down to how much flexibility you want versus how much you value extra perks. Either way, you’ll want to look for a card that offers the most rewards on every spending, and you should also pay attention to secondary perks like sign up bonuses and travel credits. The Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card and Bank of America® Travel Rewards credit card are two great options to consider for Travel Rewards.

As you can see, selecting the best credit card is not as simple as it sounds. But with the right information, it’s easy to determine which card is best for your situation. Take a look at the cards listed above – these are some of the best offers available in a wide range of categories. Find one that works for you and apply securely online today!